Shooting Videos for YouTube

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I am sure you have come across some best looking videos on YouTube. I am similarly sure you have also come across some downright awful videos, of which the camera job made you cringe. If you are business looking to raise conversations, it is very important that you send out videos of the highest standard.

So how can we make the best YouTube video that our users are going to love? Here are a few simple tips to get you going:

Use a camcorder

Camcorders have come down in price over the years and you can find one that meets your needs in your domestic computer or camera store. You can still buy digital DV tape camcorders which provide perfect quality image and sound output. The majority of the modern camcorders are top definition in nature, which means you will get an amazing looking image. Some are even 3D, but you truly do not need to invest in one of these just yet.

If you plan on shooting a lot of travel videos with a DSLR camera, then consider buying a high quality travel tripod to add extra stability to your shots.

Night Shooting

If you are shooting a scene at night, make sure that focus is set physically on the subject. If a camera has automatic focus it will target on the brightest things in the scene which means things like street lights and camera will take prominence. This causes your image to become somewhat bizarre looking. So goal to focus physically when shoot a subject at night.

Do not use the digital zoom on the camera

The issue with the digital zoom is that the camera will redraw pixels which outcomes in a bad standard image. It will use the top optical zoom available and then goes and crops the picture to a little part of the scene. So try and reject the digital zoom.

Planning a scene that has different light levels

If your scene has different glow levels and you are panning, then ensure that you physically set the exposure. This makes sure that the scene with the glows part does not get overexposed. If you do not physically set the exposure what happens is that when you pan to a different part of the scene that has a different glow levels, the camcorder changes the full exposure. This causes your scene look either looks too dim or bright.

Don’t forget about Audio

While many beginning videographers focus mainly on the video qualiy, the audio should be given just as much attention too. Audio might be even more important, because low quality audio will draw more attention then flaws in your image. To ensure good quality audio, make sure you invest in a good shotgun mic for DSLR.

Panning too slow or too fast

This is quite a general issue in video photography, but need not be with a few easy steps. Panning too quick makes the video look amateurish and poor. It is very difficult for the viewers to see any detail in the shot when this happens. Conversely, panning too slowly can create the video took dull and you do not want the viewer nodding off or searching for a different YouTube video. Just ensure you slow down your panning, but keep it at a center ground between slow and fast.

More Information

For more info on shooting great youtube videos, check out this video:







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